The Complete Guide to Hail Protector & Hail Protection Car Covers

There’s no place like home. And if your car is parked in it, you’d want to protect your assets and take care of them.

After all, automobiles are an investment that can cost anything from a few thousand dollars for a used car to over $50,000 for a new vehicle at present. In addition to paying an expensive price tag, you also have to spend money on auto insurance premiums and maintain the car at all times in order not to lose out on its resale value later on.

Hail Protection Car Covers-Keep Your Investment Safe!


We understand how it feels when Mother Nature beats down hard on us unexpectedly with strong winds accompanied by thunder and lightning during a summer afternoon, leaving behind a trail of destruction to our homes and cars. You probably know the feeling-one minute everything looks normal, but within a few minutes, hailstones as big as golf balls are beating down hard on your car, leaving behind dents all over the exterior metal paneling.

You can dodge this devastating scenario with hail protection car covers or by parking your vehicle indoors in a garage for safekeeping, at least during freak hailstorms. It’s not guaranteed that you will always enjoy sunshine each day, so it’s better to be prepared than sorry when there’s an approaching storm.

It’s for this reason that I highly recommend investing in the highest quality cover available, such as those made from Rip-Stop fabric. This type of material has been shown to hold up against hail better than other materials, as well as heavy rainfall and snow without having to remove the cover, which saves time and money.

I must mention though, even the best hail protection cover on the market won’t do any good if it’s not installed correctly. This is why I recommend removing the car cover yourself and then calling a professional installer to ensure that your hail protector is installed correctly (keywords: cheap insurance, hail damage claims).

You currently have two options when it comes to protecting your car from hail damage-using hail protectors or getting a new car. While option one is definitely more of an investment, there are numerous benefits of using protective covers for your vehicle, including increased resale value of your vehicle as well as decreased stress levels whenever you see dark clouds looming overhead…). With that being said, always remember that you have options on how to protect yourself against hail damage; it’s just up to you to choose which one is best suited for you.

hail protector

The hail protector has been developed to protect your car while it is not in use. It can protect cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, or aircraft from hail damage during the summer months that are associated with thunderstorms.

Hail storms are often short but intensely violent. They produce hailstones ranging in size from 1/4 inch to 6 inches in diameter. Hailstones have been reported to weigh as much as 2 pounds!

Hail protectors have been developed by many companies over the years, but there are only a few of them that have established themselves as efficient alternatives to prevent hailstones from damaging cars, trucks, or other kinds of vehicles. They come in different sizes, so you need to find out which one fits best with your car model if you want to purchase one for yourself.

Right now, I will introduce you to one of the leading brands in America for protecting your car against hail.

That’s the hail protector system!

Say goodbye to hail damage!

The hail protector system is a state-of-the-art technology that will keep your car safe from any hailstorm.

The hail protector system is the world’s only patented portable proven system providing hail forecasts, hail alerts and a remote controlled cover system that stops any size hail from damaging your automobiles.

The revolutionary hail protector system is unprecedented in its capabilities, having been featured on the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, and three times on the Weather Channel on local newscasts across the United States, as well as in over 200 print and online media features.

What makes the hail-protection system unique?

hail protector

The hail protector system installs in 5 minutes, after a practice install. The remote-controlled activation is a thrilling and energizing experience. Within five or six minutes from when it’s activated to stop any size hail storm hitting your vehicle, you’ll be protected against hail at its finest with this amazing product that does everything for us so easily.

hail protector

It rolls up small enough to not take up much space either-perfect if we want our home town ready at anytime.

hail protector

There might always be some bad weather happening while on vacation somewhere far away.

The hail protector system comes in six different sizes, so no matter what you drive, there’s a perfect fit.

hail protector

It doesn’t matter if you’re driving in the country or city, a hailstorm can damage your car.

The Hail Protector System will keep it safe with its patented design for protection against any natural disasters like hail storms and other weather conditions too.

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