Portable Bonfires – A New Trend in Outdoor Entertainment.

Henrik Wachtmeister, an outdoor enthusiast and travel blogger from Stockholm, believes that bonfires are the epitome of outdoor entertainment – they offer a level of comfort and atmosphere that cannot be achieved indoors.

When we go camping, we make bonfires all the time. We normally cook hot dogs on long forks and marshmallows for smores. It is quick and easy to set up a bonfire in the nature and I think that this has become one of my new favorite hobbies, he said.

Wachtmeister added that since their first bonfire experience with friends, setting up a portable fire pit at home has been on his bucket list as it brings him closer to nature. He believes people can enjoy bonfires year-round in the comfort of their own backyard.


I believe that bonfires are a new trend, not only in Sweden but also around Europe and North America. There is no better way to spend time with your friends than at a bonfire party.

Since most bonfires are set up outdoors, it is even more important for fire pit manufacturers to produce portable units so they can be moved inside if there’s bad weather or poor outdoor conditions.

It’s clear that people who love spending time outdoors will find their niche in any activity they choose. However, no matter what you do to have fun under the sun, it is always advisable to stay safe by using high quality fire pits.

Surrounding yourself with friends, family and loved ones is more fun when you’re all enjoying the warmth of the flames during cold nights. Staying safe requires proper knowledge about which products can be used safely inside or outside your home, depending on local weather conditions. With these important factors in mind, it’s easy to decide which outdoor entertainment best suits your preferences.

I’d like to introduce you to one of the most popular brands of portable stoves available on the market today. On Amazon, the City Bonfires portable bonfire pit is the most popular portable outdoor bonfire pit according to customers.


So, what makes it so unique?

  • The best part about this unique product is that it’s very simple to use, heat resistant, self-contained portable stove with no mess and no smoke so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors. It can be used for hundreds of outdoor events, including wedding receptions, birthday parties, cookouts or simply hanging out with friends at your favorite spot in your backyard or park. The perfect touch for an intimate evening or gathering around a fire with family and friends.
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  • Not only are portable campfires in a can lightweight, but they also deliver precisely the right amount of heat. This product will keep any outdoor enthusiast covered from their initial minutes out in nature all the way until supper time, weighing only 1 pound per unit and measuring 4,25 ” wide by 2,375” — tiny enough to bring along on your next expedition yet large enough for most uses! When burning constantly, the flame can endure up to 5 hours, which means no more dreary meals from cooking over open flames or waiting for energy to ebb away between pot covers.
  • City Bonfires can be easily lit and extinguished with one simple step – put the lid back on, let it cool down for a few minutes ( Leaving you time to enjoy your fire without feeling like its burning), then store away until needed again. No toxic chemicals or flying embers means that this mini tabletop fireplace is safe as well! You don’t even have clean up after yourself because there’s nothing left behind but warm ashes in an enjoyable fireside chatteer experience.

New Era of Outdoors: Why Should You Use Portable Bonfires?

There’s no longer any excuse for not enjoying some outdoor fun with Portable Bonfires!

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors?

Do you enjoy having a good time with friends and family?

If your answer is yes, then perhaps it’s time to try something new this season!

You should consider investing in a portable bonfire.

And the benefits of using a portable fire stove include:


1. Get More Flexibility:

With portable fire pits, you can basically take them anywhere, anytime. Be it your backyard, camping site or patio; they hardly require any space and can be set up by just about anyone.

2. You can keep your bonfires close:

A lot of people find that traditional bonfires are one of those things that should be enjoyed in moderation. While having an open fire outdoors is quite exhilarating and enjoyable to many, there’s always a chance that you might accidentally get too close and end up with serious burns. Portable bonfires will not only give you quick access to the fire, but you can also put it out easily before heading off to bed.

3. No More Burning Restrictions!

It’s always better not to have an open fire when burning restrictions are announced. There are many families who have large properties and therefore love having bonfires, but what happens when there is a burn ban? With portable bonfires, this isn’t a problem because even if your community decides to enact a ban, you can simply take your portable bonfire with you on camping trips or any other location where there are no such rules. So if it turns out that your local area has banned all fires, at least you’ll be happy knowing that for those few days, there will be no more smoky eyes or stinging laundry.

If you’ve ever gone camping then chances are that you have experienced how great it is to sit around a bonfire, tell stories and share drinks with your friends.

Portable bonfires can help you recreate all of these amazing memories in your own backyard or take the fun on the road.

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