The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Electric Bike for You

Today, fat tire electric bikes are one of the most popular styles of e-bikes to own and ride.

If you’re looking for fat tire electric bikes in 2021, here’s what you should know:

Fat tire bikes used to be quite expensive. As the technology becomes more commonplace, however, fat tire electric bike prices have dropped substantially. You can easily get a fat tire electric bike anywhere from $700.

The best time to buy an electric fat bike is now. The fat tire electric bike niche is growing exponentially every year, and there are more manufacturers piling into the market than ever before. There are fat tire electric bikes for sale everywhere.

Whether you’re buying your fat tire electric bike online or at your local bicycle store, make sure it comes with all of the accessories that you need before taking it home. This includes things like locks, lights, helmets, racks for panniers, instructional videos, etc. If you’re purchasing fat tire electric bikes online, make sure the site offers some kind of warranty, return policy, and customer support.

As with any type of e-bike, fat tire bicycles will need regular maintenance. Fortunately, fat tire electric bikes are much less fickle than other types of e-bikes, so it should be pretty simple for you to keep them up and running.

In this fat tire electric bike review, we’ll take an up close look at the technology behind fat tire electric bicycles, what makes them different from other models on the market, and why they’re worth considering based on your personal needs.

How Do Electric Bikes Work?

ecotric-bikeElectric bicycles-more commonly known as “electric bikes”-are a newer alternative to mopeds and motorcycles for getting around.

They use rechargeable batteries that can be plugged into electric sockets or recharged on the move using an on-board generator.

The battery provides assistance while pedaling, either by helping you along with extra power of by running in tandem with your existing ride to add momentum when needed.

If you’ve ever wondered what they might be like to own, here’s our buyer’s guide to fat tire electric bikes so you can find out!

What are the benefits of an electric bike?

Perhaps the biggest benefit of going with an electric bike is that they have a motor. This means you can get around easily and more quickly, no matter where you happen to be going.

An electric bike is actually a great mode of transportation if you need to commute a lot or just want a fun way to travel from place to place.

Many people decide that using an eBike instead of getting their own car makes them feel better about not having one. Going out for things on your bike will certainly help you get in shape too.

Electric bicycles are widely considered to be an environmentally friendly form of transport; they emit no pollutants and require very little (if any) additional infrastructure in order to function correctly. They also don’t make much noise, which means they aren’t particularly dangerous for pedestrians or other road users.

Tires are another key factor.

  ecotric-bikeIf you’re looking at fat tire electric bikes, then it’s important to make sure that your tires are going to last for a long time. The fat tires will definitely not go flat on their own, at least, but it’s still important to check them regularly to see if you notice that they are losing air pressure.

Fat tire electric bikes are designed with fat tires for a reason. They provide extra traction and stability, and it’s the fat tires that allow for such a diverse application of these bicycles.

The fat tire design is what makes an electric fat tire bicycle stand out from other models on the market. Tire size plays into the efficiency of your fat tire electric bike as well as how you’re going to ride it. Different fat tires will also be better suited to different terrains, whether that’s pavement or hard-packed trails like dirt or sand.

Electric Bike Components to Look Out For

Choosing an electric fat tire bike can be a daunting task. You have to consider fat tires, fat e-bike tires, fat e-bikes, and fat tire mountain bikes. So many different terms are being thrown around in the best fat tire electric bike reviews.

So what do you need to know before buying an e-bike? In this article we will explain all about fat tire electric bikes and give you a few tips on how to choose the best fat tire electric bike for your needs without going too nuts.

There are three types of e-bikes that are generally available on the market today. These include

  • The Pedelec-this type has an electric motor with a maximum speed of only 16 mph and is limited to where it can travel.
  • The Throttle Electric Bike: this type of e-bike requires no pedaling at all, and the throttle is used to control the bike’s speed. The motor capacity for this electric bike is usually 500 watts or less.
  • The Power Assisted E-Bike-these fat-tired bikes are also known as Pedalecs because they have a power assistance ratio of up to 200%. You will still need to pedal and climb hills, but you’ll get a helping hand from the motor.

As far as fat tire electric bikes go, your best bet would be fat tire e-bikes that use batteries with a higher voltage capacity such as 36 volts or 48 volts.

Choosing a fat tire An Electric Bike with the Right Voltage

The fat-tire electric bike that you choose will depend on your needs and preferences, like the kind of terrain you want to ride it on, whether you want to commute or use it for recreation, how much of a workout you’re looking for, etc. There are fat-tired electric bikes available out there with various voltage levels.

  • 24 volt fat e-bike (good torque)
  • 36 volt fat e-bike (higher speed)
  • 48 volt fat e-bike (lighter weight plus higher speeds)

What is important is getting one with enough power for what you need it for. If your fat e-bike has too low a wattage, then it also has lower levels of torque, and this means that climbing steep hills might be a problem.

Most fat-tired ebikes will have an MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price), so it’s important to know just what specs and features you need before making a purchase.

Here are some things to look out for:


  1. Bike Weight-Fat tire electric bikes can weigh anywhere from 70 pounds up to 150 pounds, so it’s important to make sure you can handle the weight of your fat tire electric bike.
  2. Tire Width-fat e-bikes generally come with tires that are 3″ up to 5″ wide, so check if the fat tire electric bike you want will be able to handle the width of your fat tires.
  3. Range Per Charge: This is perhaps one of the most important things to look out for when choosing any type of e-bike, and fat tire electric bikes are no exception, especially if you live in a hilly area, because then you’d need a fat ebike that has a range per charge that allows you to travel as far as possible without having to recharge it.
  4. Max Speed: If speed is important to you, then fat-tire e-bikes can go up to 25 mph and higher. That’s why it’s important to choose one with a low enough max speed for your needs.
  5. Weight Capacity: This is also another very important consideration, especially if you’re going to use fat tire electric bikes for heavy duty purposes such as traveling over grassy areas, snow, or steep mountains, because fat tires add weight, which will add more stress to the bike. If fat tire ebikes are what you need, then make sure to look out for ones with high weight capacities so they won’t break easily from additional stress.ecotric-bike
  6. Distance per Charge: The distance per charge is another factor to consider when shopping for fat e-bikes.Don’t forget that fat tire electric bikes have a larger battery which will add more weight and thus affect the bike’s range per charge. If fat tire e-bikes are what you need, then look for fat e-bikes whose fat tire electric bikes allow longer distances per charge, so you’ll be able to go further without having to recharge them.
  7. Motor: Just like regular fat bikes, fat tire electric bikes also use 250W-up to 750W motors, and higher depending on how fast they can go and just how much muscle power is needed to climb hills and other types of terrain. Make sure that your fat-tired electric bike has enough power for your needs, or else it might break down when going uphill or riding in rough terrain.
  8. Battery Type: Fat tire electric bikes generally use 36-volt fat e-bikes and 48-volt fat e-bikes, but some fat tire electric bikes also use 24volt fat tires. If fat tire e-bikes are what you need, then make sure to check which type of battery your fat bike uses so you can choose one that has a longer-lasting battery life, thus reducing the frequency of having to recharge it.
  9. Maximum Incline: Also important when choosing fat-tire electric bikes is how far they can go uphill from zero incline or flat ground. Some fat ebikes have lower maximum inclines than others, so this should be a consideration as well, if you’re going to ride in hilly areas often.
  10. Power Source: Because fat e-bikes are powered by motors, this is another important fat tire electric bike consideration.Make sure that your fat-tired electric bike has at least two power sources: one for the motor and one for manual pedaling, just in case the fat e-bike’s battery dies.
  11. Tire Tread: Fat tire tread is another factor to consider when selecting fat ebikes.Just like regular bikes, fat tires have treads on them, but if you want better traction, then choose a fat e-bike with deeper treads so it’ll hold on to the ground better, which will give you more stability when riding them, especially if you’re using them on bumpy trails or hilly areas, which most fat tire electric bikes are designed for.ecotric-bike
  12. Brakes: Generally, fat tire electric bikes use the same type of brakes as regular fat bikes; disc or fat E-bike brakes. When fat tire e-bikes come to a complete stop, the fat tire e-bike’s motor turns into a generator to recharge its battery, and this is where fat E-bike brakes come in to stop the bike while recharging its batteries, so choose fat tire electric bikes with fat E-bike brakes.
  13. Comfort/Frame: Another consideration when choosing fat e-bikes is how comfortable they will be for you to ride, because if the seat, handlebars, and other parts aren’t comfortable for you, then you’re not going anywhere, especially if you’re riding it uphill from a zero-incline, which most fat e-bikes are designed for. Make sure the fat tire e-bike you choose has parts that are comfortable for your body size and weight so you can enjoy riding it around for miles without having to stop because of discomfort.
  14. Additional Features: Fat tire electric bikes generally come with additional features such as fat fat tires, fat fat lights, fat tire suspension system, built-in fat E-bike computer, wide tires (for better stability), fenders (to keep you dry when riding on wet surfaces), bottle holder (for easy access to hydration), and flat-free tires (no hassles of constantly replacing your tubes or patches) depending on which brand/manufacturer you choose.ecotric-bike
  15. Paint/Finish: Another fat tire electric bike consideration is fat tire paint or fat E-bike finish. Because the fat tire e-bike should be made with quality parts, sturdy materials, and fat tires, choose fat tire electric bikes with high quality paint jobs or finishes so they’ll last for years without chipping or scratching while standing up to bumps and falls when riding.
  16. Weight Capacity: Finally, another thing to consider when choosing a fat e-bike is how much weight you are going to put on it. Because some fat e-bikes can’t handle more than 200 pounds of weight, while others can handle as much as 400 pounds of weight.

And here’s one of the electric bicycle manufacturers with fat tires that I believe deserves to be considered a trustworthy brand. It’s an electric bike made by Ecotric.

So, what makes Ecotric electric bicycles so unique?


The first and foremost thing is that the price comes with the quality.

Ecotric e-bikes have the lowest starting price on the market compared to other models with the same specifications.

The amount of weight

The Ecotric electric bike weighs 53 lbs. It is lighter than most of the other fat tire electric bikes on the market.

Warranty time frame:

Most other car manufacturers have a 1-year warranty. But with Ecotric e-bikes, you are much more comfortable with a warranty period of up to 18 months.


They offer free shipping on all vehicles in 48 states across the US. Shipping time is about 2-3 days.

Warranty Information

Ecotric allows you to try it for 30 days. If there is any dissatisfaction with this car, you can contact them for a refund or exchange it for another car.


They have a significant consumer base and excellent evaluations on their website, including Amazon.

I’ve included a link to their store below.

To visit their website, click here.

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So, what exactly are you waiting for? Visit them and see if what they have to offer makes you as happy as it has made me and many others.